Take a 36 second peek into someone life with

Take a 36 second peek into someone life with

Keek makes it fun and simple to enjoy videos in a social platform that is enjoyed by over 70 millions users, including celebrities such as Kim Karadashian.

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How does it work?

Use your phone to capture a 36 second video that can range from funny to intimate. Upload the video to Keek and add hashtags to connect with a topic of similar videos. Watch other users videos, comment on the ones that interest you and favorite the ones you think are the best.

What makes Keek unique:

  • The 36 second length requirment means that you are forced to not be long winded with your video but also have enough time to make an impact.
  • Search by hashtags to find exactly the niche that interests you
  • It is the perfect platform for music discovery or to follow celebrities lives
  • Take social video to the next level with private and group chats

Keek is the hottest new social platform and one we recommend that everyone check out!