Get answers to all your health queries in the form of videos from doctors!

You have nagging healthcare queries and you go online to find answers most of the time. What if there was an app that would give you all answers directly from expert doctors that too in the form of videos?- Presenting Doctors' Circle - Health Videos

With videos from all specialities including Pregnancy, Parenting, Skin and Hair Care, Lifestyle, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart, Eye, Ear Nose Throat, Pains, Asthma, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda and a host of other specialities.

Some reasons why should download the app!

  • Quick, short, easy to comprehend videos with an average of 90 seconds per video from the authority on the topic.
  • Personalized experience for your topics of interest with notifications and updates
  • Calendar based videos for pregnancy and parenting - What you should do in the first trimester, etc.

Watch the below trailer video