Blupe Debuts New App That Empowers People to Make New Friends and Build Communities Online and Offline

Blupe, the company that is dramatically improving the way people make friends, officially launched a new and innovative app that connects users to local people who love what they love and brings them back to their community. Blupebridges the gap between an online and offline life, connecting anyone in real-time with new friends and local communities they want to be a part of.

Blupe was developed by a team of dedicated social discovery experts, who have already helped bring hundreds of millions of people together on Momo. Momo Inc. is one of China's leading mobile social networking platforms, and it is publicly listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (MOMO). As a wholly owned, and funded, subsidiary of Momo, Blupe is focused on developing the absolute best way for anyone to make new friends. Leading the company's experienced U.S. management team is Blupe CEO and Founder Sic Zhang. Sic is also the Director and President of U.S. Operations, Momo, Inc.

"Blupe was developed to connect users with new friends in their town and help them engage and do things with those who share their interests. Compared to the months and years it can take to connect with like-minded friends and groups, Blupe cuts through and puts you in instant contact with the local communities and people who share your exact passions," said Sic Zhang, Blupe CEO and Founder. "Blupe is not just another way to make online ‘friends,' but rather puts you in touch with local people so you can get together and do fun things in the real-world. Just as importantly, Blupe also empowers you to explore new communities, expand your interests, and grow."

Blupe aims to make it easier for anyone to easily make new friends with its location-based foundation, small and intimate interest groups, and real-time conversations. These features all come together to create a truly improved user experience -- the future of how to make friends. Blupe allows users to discover what's nearby, create groups for local people with like-minded interests, join in on conversations and even connect one-on-one with people who share your passions.

Whether sports and athletics, to dining and cooking, to music and everything in between, Blupe offers anyone a genuine connection to local people and communities who have the same passions and interests as they do. In a casual and comfortable setting, Blupe allows users to explore and discover new things and people, and also re-engage with what they love to do.