An original and unique puzzle game that reinvents the concept of the "three balls exploding"!
Graphic pictorial style Disney, 8 different play environments for well 96 levels!

Original bonuses that make it even more articulated the completion of levels!

Skill, speed and accuracy are the rules to solve the puzzles hidden in boxes of Bubble Box.


It's always an adventure for perpetual busy bodies, Larry and Vicky, scouting for small treasures and crumbs of tasty treats.

Their inquisitive little noses have led them to a dusty old attic where they stumbled upon a forgotten old trunk filled with 8 mysterious boxes marked with ancient engravings.
Each box contains 12 different configurations of bubbles which you must burst as quickly as you can by grouping 3 bubbles of the same color.

This addictive game even lets you stop, redirect, and bounce bubbles off the wall - useful tactics for complex configurations.

What happens when the last box is solved and Larry and Vicky unlock the dazzling mystery of the trunk?
Work your way through all 8 levels to discover the secret that's been locked in the attic for ages!