New Clean Master App v3.6

There's a new way for Android users to remove pre-installed bloatware from their smartphones. And it's free!

Clean Master's new v3.6 is now available for download at Google Play, allowing users with rooted devices to delete the apps they don't want that come preinstalled from either the phone carrier or manufacturer. The latest update also features support to clean video cache generated by Instagram to help preserve space on your phone.

Clean Master is the all-in-one app to fit any cleaning need and is the only cache cleaning app that provides cleaning of the SD card - removing as much as 30% more junk files as compared to other cleaning apps!

But wait, there's more: Clean Master does much more than just clean cashe - it clears call/message logs, kills running tasks as needed, and uninstalls or backs up the apps of your choice. The average Clean Master user has over 200 MB of cashed and residual files cleared off their device the first time they use the application.

If you're looking for an easy way to maximize storage space, protect your privacy, and catch up on some late Spring Cleaning, check out Clean Master.

New Clean Master App v3.6