Confess - Share Secrets

No Sin, no religion. The Loss of sense of sin correlates to the loss of sense of God. Confess your sins in a new way!! Scared to reveal your identity, just don't worry… Download the anonymous confess app,where you can confess anything and everything just to make your heart lighter.

  • The name of the app: Confess - Share Secrets
  • What it does, and why it is different: Confess is a platform to surrender your secrets, to ease your regrets, to get over the guilt of some unconscious event, to rejoice the silly moments & much more. It's a thoughtfully created, interesting & addictive app that has the potential to keep you occupied for days and nights.
  • The price: Free
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  • Description:Important Features:
    1. Post confessions anonymously. Choose beautiful backgrounds
    2. Read confessions from friends, from people around (local confessions) or just the popular ones
    3. Chat with the person posting a confession or a comment anonymously
    4. Create your own private confession group - College friends, Tuition friends, Gaming friends, Beer friends and more

Let's admit that we all have that one well kept secret which we always refrain to accept in Public, sometimes not even with our close ones! We all have come across, visited & used several platforms to vent out our untold stories BUT most of the times we are hesitant to do so because we don't want people to know that the story is a part of our lives. Confess is the app that allows you to overcome that misery. Bonus is that you can choose your audience as you please, to share your confessions with.

Confess allows you access to customized feed, you can filter the results as you want- confessions made by your friends (Friends), by people in your surrounding (Local) or only the popular/trending confessions (Popular).