EasyCharts: your infographics and data visualization wizard

What is EasyCharts?

EasyCharts is an iPhone application to help you very quickly pick up the optimal data visualization. Having a set of data and a task to implement? EasyCharts will advice you on the type of graphics you'll need in a particular case. Now EasyCharts is your helpful assistant in infographics creation and presentation design.

What can EasyCharts do?

EasyCharts: your infographics and data visualization wizardPer each step, EasyCharts offers you a selection of prompts. You just have to choose one option out of two or three. You'll choose at no difficulty, as the choice is directly determined by the nature of your data and problem. Just in a few iterations, also usually no more than three, EasyCharts will show your optimal graph type.

EasyCharts actually takes on the most difficult and boring part of the preparatory work. It can become a real time-saver, eliminating the hassle of studying cases and selecting the options yourself. Moreover, EasyCharts will illustrate the choice with samples. Beyond just standard graphics, you will see real infographics samples to fit your specific case.

EasyCharts's library of samples is constantly updated. To access the library of samples and articles, please connect to the Web, as images and info are loaded from our Facebook page.

Who needs EasyCharts?

EasyCharts: your infographics and data visualization wizardEasyCharts is intended for designers, both novice and experienced.EasyCharts helps to avoid mistakes and unnecessary loss of time both to newcomers and people extending their expertise. Experienced designers can use EasyCharts as an automation tool. It's so nice when the technical job is done by an application in mere seconds.

It might also be helpful for people who often make presentations by their job. No impressive presentation can do without appealing and clear infographics. With EasyCharts, you can quickly and effortlessly enhance your presentation with impressive graphs and forget of dull and boring tables or columns of digits.


  • Full iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support
  • The app can run both offline and online. If the Web connection is available, the app loads graphics samples and library of articles from the app's Facebook page
  • The application is based on popular open source libraries
  • Original layout of buttons
  • Click "heart" to open instructions
  • Exceptional ease of use.

EasyCharts FB: facebook.com/EasyCharts

EasyCharts Twitter: @EasyChartApps