EuroSmartz AltaMail revolutionizes email on iPhone and iPad

EuroSmartz, the number one enterprise app provider in the world has announced a complete interface refresh and added new, never seen before functionality to AltaMail, an enterprise grade iPhone and iPad app. AltaMail enables users to achieve any email task, from reaching inbox zero (using full actions andnot just filing for later or "sweeping it under the carpet") to sending high-volume mail merges.

EuroSmartz AltaMail revolutionizes email on iPhone and iPad

Users will benefit from a wide range of innovative features, including:

Inbox zero

  • Smart folders: Swipe to file system with reminders and flags as well as the ability to quickly clear inbox with multi select tool
  • Not just filing for later: Quick actions like email back with a merge template and delete an entire conversation string or spam in a single action

Automated Email handling

  • Filing: Set up rules and filters to automatically file email as it hits your inbox
  • Auto reply: reply with a merge template, out office replies as well as customs actions and replies

Reminders and notifications

  • Reminders: set calendar reminders to follow up on email, add filters, rules and flags
  • Notifications: set custom notifications for email accounts, people, subject or anything in-between
  • Auto suspend: pause notifications during any scheduled meeting in the calendar

Multiple Email Account Types

  • Full email account support: including Exchange, Hotmail, Gmail, any IMAP account, any POP account, Yahoo, AT&T email, AOL, iCloud email, Verizon email, Big Daddy email, Comcast email, along with others

Ease of use

  • Simple set-up: simply enter email and password
  • Templates: either for mail merge or for use in standard replies or auto responder

Smart functionality

  • Cloud services: ability to send email with an attachment from the cloud without having to download attachment first
  • Convert files to PDF
  • Attachments: save attachments to re-use and file
  • Send later: Queue up email to send at a specific time and date

EuroSmartz AltaMail revolutionizes email on iPhone and iPadEuroSmartz AltaMail revolutionizes email on iPhone and iPad

EuroSmartz was the first company to bring the functionality of printing photos, contacts, web pages and more to the iPhone when it released Print in December 2008 and has a range of fantastic applications that help businesses to operate on the go. The full suite of apps include: Print n Share, PrintCentral, AltaMail and WritePDF.