Find three best applications to lock your apps on android

Many android users might have already aware of security locks for their phones. Most of the smart phones enter into this world with default security lock. Even though these locks are there on the phone, all the settings and security apps are easily assessable. If you want to keep your phone away from third party unauthorized accesses, you should have to put locks on the different parts of mobile like gallery, banking apps, videos, messengers and social networking apps. There are different app protectors available for smartphones to secure your apps. Let us have a look at them.

Find three best applications to lock your apps on android

App lock

Without hesitation, I can say that this is one of the best app that is available on the Google play store today. You can lock any part of android with the help of this wonderful app. It can be anything from gallery to your call long. Your mobile will be in your private possession with this free app protector. Additional feature that you will enjoy with this app is that you can even hide the locked apps from visibility. People will not even know availability these apps on your mobile. You can prevent the locked apps from being uninstalled by others. You can lock the apps on your smartphone in two ways with the help of this app protector. You have an option to choose between password and pattern to lock the apps. Two best features of this app lock for android is you can choose to unlock the apps with location and time as well.

Smart app protector

This is another good app protector that is available for smart phone users. Any app can be locked on your android phone with this wonderful app. Gestures and alphabetical/ numerical words can be used as passwords to lock apps. You can even lock screen brightness and screen rotation with the help of this app. This will help you save battery when it is in the hands of children. You can even lock accesses to 3G network. You can have the apps locked based on the location as well. If you are at home, you can have all the apps unlocked completely but, if you are office, you can have all the apps locked from third party accesses. You will be asked to type the password each time you accesses the app in the office location. You can even enjoy time lock in this app where the app gets locked if it is not used for specific period of time.

Perfect app protector

Another free app protector that is available android users is perfect app protector. All your e-mails, gallery, videos and other apps can be locked easily with this app. The best part of this app protector is that you can even lock the way which the mobile can be connected to PC and you can enable and disable app from remote location just with app.