Mobile Game, Fishing Joy, Downloaded 100 Million Times

Fishing Joy, the flagship title from Chinese mobile game company, CocoaChina, has been downloaded 100 million times worldwide.

Few mobile titles reach this milestone, putting Fishing Joy alongside smash hits including Angry Birds and Temple Run that have also surpassed the 100M download mark. In addition,Fishing Joy' has beat typical industry levels of engagement and retetntion. Engagement was measured by average session length and CocoaChina found that users play 2.5 times longer per session. Additionally, 8 times as many users return to the game compared to typical mobile game titles, according to mobile apps analytical service Flurry.

Founded in 2008 as a forum for Chinese mobile developers, CocoaChina (under the umbrella of Chukong Technologies) has rapidly grown to be a leader in Chinese mobile game development. Initially released in 2011, Fishing Joy and Fishing Joy HD quickly reached the number 1 spot on the App Store's Top Free and Top Grossing Games Charts worldwide. CocoaChina recently published a sequel,Fishing Joy 2, which has also had significant global success.

To play Fishing Joy, click here for iOS and here for Android.

To download Fishing Joy 2 (iOS only), click here.