FlightView Adds Itinerary Management and Global Flight Coverage to its iPhone Travel App and Flight-Tracking Website

FlightView has added major functionality to its iOS app, making it the only flight-tracker available that offers built-in itinerary management, international flight coverage, and the ability to synchronize flight information across mobile devices and its traditional website.

Available in 3 versions (Elite, Standard .99, and Free), FlightView 3.0 now offers travelers:

  • Automatic uploading of trip itineraries. Users can automatically add flight information to the app by forwarding itineraries to trips@flightview.com.
  • Cross-device information access. Manage trips on one property (like an iPad or FlightView.com) and see the changes on a different property, like the iPhone.
  • Personal profiles for more organized, easy-to-access information. Travelers can create profiles, choose a preferred airline and select a home airport for localized information.
  • Flight coverage for nearly 90% of all airline seats in the world.

FlightView's app is an essential day-of-travel tool for mobile users. The latest upgrade is already a hit with iPhone users; recent consumer reviews include:

  • "Loved the app before but being able to email itinerary to populate My Trips makes it even better! Is there a 6th star?"
  • "Love the new feature. I forwarded my itinerary that I received from my airline to FlightView and it populated it right into the My Trips section. No more manually inputting my trips! Excellent!"
  • "Best app ever! Always has the latest info! Even before the airlines!! Must use!!"

Click here for more information on setting up a profile, or the links below to download FlightView 3.0 for your device. FlightView expects to roll out itinerary management for Android apps later this summer. For more information, visit FlightView.com