Hack Your Apps with Appvigil App before Someone Else Hacks It

Android has the largest share of user base among all mobile operating system with 76.6% market share as in fourth quarter of 2014-15. There are 1 billion active android users and 1.3 million apps on Google Play with thousands of them getting added each month. With low entry barrier and high scalability, Android has become the first choice for every individual and company to implement and monetize their ideas and services. But in fast paced and agile development environment, app developers keen to put more focus on productivity and innovation keeping the security at bay.

In our latest research, we studied the mobile banking apps of top 100 banks in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region with major focus on Indian banks, for security vulnerabilities. The apps were scanned using Appvigil, a cloud based android app security solution for enterprise. In Security Report of Top 100 Mobile Banking Apps, we found that 70% of app are vulnerable to hackers with at least one high severity security issue. Hacking Android apps has become a piece of cake for attackers. Companies and researchers around the world also claim that up to 90% for Android apps are hackable.

Through app hacking methods like third party app hack, an attacker can steal the data of all carelessly built apps in the device. Some apps even fail to validate mandatory network and in-app security compliances. In such highly insecure mobile environment users are left vulnerable to personal and corporate data breaches.

Catering to this problem, we recently launched Appvigil app for android users. Appvigil app is the first of its kind app in the world which empowers users to identify which apps in their phone are hackable and can potentially compromise their data. While antivirus look for malware in the phone, Appvigil detects which apps can be targeted by hacker to inject such malwares.

Through the app, users can scan any app in their device on our cloud based server for security checks. Appvigil app provides users the security against latest Open Web and Security Application Project (OWASP - 10) vulnerabilities for mobile and our in-house android research team keeps a vigilant eye on latest trends in mobile security to keep updating them with Appvigil thus empowering users with state of art mobile security.

Appvigil rates each app in the phone with a unique Vigil Score based on how secure it is, so that users can timely get rid of unsafe apps. They can also take action by reporting the vulnerable app to its respective developer asking him to fix the issues for everyone's safety.

So come and be a part of global Appvigil community by spreading awareness about android security. Download the app now !!