Space Battleship Versus

Space Battleship Versus

You will surely enjoy both RTS and Defence game with so much extraordinary effects guaranteed by 3D-designed battleships, units and high-definition graphics.

No In-App Purchase., No AD

With (space battleship : versus), you can fight a combat with other battleships in space.

Space Battleship Versus : RTS + Defence Game

Each unit is supposed to have weak points and strong points.
Look right into those weak points of your enemy and make a clever, strategic choice.
(For instance, the close unit is stronger than the standoff-attack unit. The standoff-attack unit can remove a bomb without causing damage).

Includes: Four spaces and 24 levels Two levels of difficulty A battleship of an enemy that would get more power as a game develops and, a heart-pounding match between captains Interesting story and cinematic scenes


Create attack units by touching Gate Button on the left of the screen. Move the units from left to right by touching and dragging the screen. You can use special skills when Special Skills Button on the bottom of the screen gets activated. You can forecast movements of enemy units via a mini map on the lower right of the screen.


2 years have passed since the war between human and machine was over. You were forced out of the army in dishonor and became a hired soldier making money by destroying machine ships that appear across the universe occasionally. One day, you receive a call from an old friend of army to meet. He said he had the answer you've been searching for.

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