InFocus Pro will be FREE on June 7th

InFocus Pro is an advanced organizer app. Organize your life with a Calendar, Checklist, To Do, Projects and Notes. It's like having 5 apps all in one!

To celebrate our new navigation and updated user interface, InFocus Pro will be free starting June 7th, 2013. The regular price is $9.99.

InFocus Pro offers two ways to input your data. You can either type it or handwrite it. Handwriting offers quicker entry and now (new update) with auto scrolling, handwriting is faster and easier.

Having five apps all in one is not an easy task to develop. There are many simple organizer apps out there, but there are only a handful of advanced ones. The biggest obstacle is to make the modules integrated and easy to use. InFocus Pro has accomplished this with it's new navigation menu separating each module. Also, when you start the app it has help menu's to show you the features. Checklist, To Do, Notes and Projects are all integrated, allowing you, for example, to start a simple list, then convert that list to a project. While creating a simple checklist, InFocus Pro automatically sets up a project for you. So one day when your simple checklist gets too long or complex, you can open the projects menu and continue to organize it with advanced features.

For advanced organization, your can set up Projects with either to-do's or notes. Projects can be organized with subfolders, it can be color coded and/or sorted by Priority. Organizing a project has now been made simple with the Projects Module.

InFocus Pro also can speak your events or to-do's. This is a great tool for when you need to know your important appointments or tasks hand's free. Just click the Text To Voice button and it will speak them for you.

InFocus Pro will be FREE starting June 7th for a limited time. Set your calendar for this date to get this super value.

InFocus Pro was developed by Elixir Software Group. You can check it out at: