Introducing Dentity: The Best Group Directory Solution For Groups and Small Businesses

The way we manage a group of contacts is outdated and, quite frankly, backwards. Each member of the group is in charge of keeping track of every other person's contact information -- which can include hundreds of phone number, email addresses, and usernames. Often times we have multiple discontinued phone numbers for the same person, which makes finding the right number frustrating and a waste of time. The folks ovet at Denity want to change that.

Dentity is an always up-to-date group directory solution for social groups, and is specifically designed for fraternities. Dentity's group directory functionality is unparalleled -- It is private and secure, makes adding and removing people easy, and lets users to choose what they share.

The app puts each member of your group in charge of updating their own information, so that you don't have to. Setting up Dentity on your phone takes less than one minute, and adding people to a group directory is as easy as entering a person's name, phone number, or social media username. All of your contacts are on the cloud, and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Dentity simplifies the entire process of getting in touch with someone. Instead of having a number superfluous options and complicated features, Dentity is sleek and simple. You are provided with what is necessary for contacting who you want when you want.

Check out the Dentity websites for more information!