IP Notebook - Must-have tool for developers and IT Pros

IP Notebook - An iPhone app that allows developers, designers, and IT staff to catalog their global IP Addresses from multiple locations.

At it's core, IP Notebook is a IP Address finder with the additional unique functionality that allows users to save and catalog their IP Addresses for later reference. In addition, the app also includes a custom IP entry that allows you to save known IP addresses to your library.

"The functionality of the IOS app is based offIP Notebook - Must-have tool for developers and IT Pros our already popular ipNotebook.net web app." says Troy Peterson, lead developer and designer at Super Six-Two. "However, we found that the web app has some limitations as you don't always have access to a computer as you travel or work remotely. The IOS app solves this issue."

App Features:

  • View your current public facing IP Address.
  • Save your current IP Address to a local library for later reference.
  • Add a name and additional meta data to your IP address for quick reference
  • Email the IP address or copy to clipboard for later use
  • Localizations in English, Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.