Jelly Dash - A Chewy and Fruity Puzzle Game Ever!

2011 Bejeweled, 2012 Diamond Dash...

Now 2013, Jelly Dash has arrived!

It's not a Match-3 Game, Connect 2+ Game!

A Chewy and Fruity Puzzle Game Ever!

Connect cute jelly blocks to explode them at your fingertips!

A puzzle game that's always refreshing, Jelly Dash!

✔ Easy to learn gaming technique!

The more blocks connected, the bigger the explosion! The higher the score!

Fun for every age!

✔ 1 minute time attack! Stop time!

Filling the back board by exploding all the blocks pauses time for 5 seconds!

Surprises await!

✔ Play with a friend!

Play and exchange Jellies with Facebook friends!

Compare each other's scores on the weekly leaderboard!