Why should you join Appscovery?

Here you'll learn what's Appscovery all about and why you should join. Appscovery is an online platform that allows anyone to publish an article about his/her mobile app for free.


Why should you join Appscovery?With an article on Appscovery you get...

  • Exposure - people will learn about your app. You are free to link to your website and your social networking profiles.
  • Links (SEO value) - you can link to the web sites and web pages you want.

What we require

  • Original content
  • An article that's at least 100 words long
  • That your app fits one of the four categories/type - it's either a new app, updated one, you've reached an important milestone or you're running a promotion (offering your app for less than usual).

What we'll not accept

  • Offensive content
  • Adult and content that promotes gambling
  • Poorly written articles

Again, it's free and you have nothing to lose. Click here to sign-up. The process is quick'n'easy, relying on your Facebook or Twitter credentials.