Kids Coloring and Math - Coloring book for kids

Great news!

Kids Coloring and Math have been updated to 2.0.0! Now pay $1.99 and get 24 pictures for painting in 2 modes!!

— 2 game modes: Numbers and Problems
— 2 languages: English, Russian
— Cute pictures, fantastic colors
— For kids of different ages
— Learning numbers
— Addition and Subtraction problems
— Kids-friendly interface

Kids Coloring and Math - Coloring book for kids

The game features two game modes: "PAINTING BY NUMBERS" and "COUNTING AND PAINTING". In the first mode, children can study figures by painting numbered parts of a picture.

In the second mode, kids should paint the picture by solving the problems. It helps to improve elementary arithmetical skills: addition and subtraction.

With our unique game your child will solve the elementary math problems with great pleasure!

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