New Logo Quiz

Have you ever wondered how many logos you see daily, or how many of them you have actually remembered, and are able to recognize? This quiz is a unique opportunity to check your knowledge of brands. It can include anything, ranging from the food you eat and phone you use to clothes and shoes you wear. You are probably not even aware of how many logos you have memorized without putting a minimal effort - your brain just picks them up! Try out this super fun quiz and you'll be surprised to see how good your memory actually is!

It is a perfect game for all quiz lovers. What you get is a bunch of logos, collected in the albums, and your task is simply to try and guess them all.

If you get stuck, don't worry! You can always use some type of help such as a 'Sharpening help' that lowers the amount of blurriness or a 'Helpful Hint' that will give you some additional information about the company in question. Further on, you can also 'Ask for Initials' or simply seek help among your friends on Facebook. At last, if nothing aids, just press the button 'Solve it'.

Game play is like this:

click on the blurry picture, guess the name of the hidden logo, earn gems, use helps;



* HELPFUL HINT - tells more about the particular brand.

* SHARPENING HELP - makes the blurred picture clearer that helps you guess it more easily.

* SHOW INITIALS - It's on the tip of your tongue? See if the initials can refresh your memory.

* ASK FACEBOOK FRIENDS - If you are stuck at some level you can always count on your Facebook friends for help!

* SOLVE IT - If none of these helps, solve the level and get the correct answer.

New Logo Quiz

- Release date: July 20, 2013, Version 1.0

- iTunes Store: