MiKS Soccer Stats: Simply brilliant!

MiKS Soccer Stats

I would like to share with you a new app that was released on January 11, 2013 on the App Store and Google Play.

MiKS Soccer Stats was designed to help coaches measure and understand the performance of their team. It has an extended set of metrics that reveal how players react when they have a chance to score and how well they defend.

This might look at first like just another sports stats app, but it has unique features that no other app of the same category has, all sports combined. The application gives coaches the ability to record the position of every action on the field. Not only will they know how many shots the team took, but where they were taken from and where they landed. Those who have coached or played the game before know how critical this information is when you're trying to improve your scoring chances.

The information is compiled and can be presented to players graphically in real time. Actions are color coded and can be filtered so the coach can focus on a given aspect of the team's performance.

MiKS Soccer Stats: Simply brilliant!

Brilliant interface

The main interface of the application is simply brilliant. Menus and buttons are replaced with a soccer pad where the coach can simply replicate on the screen the game actions happening on the field. To capture a goal, for example, you just drag your finger on the screen from where the shot was taken towards the net. It is simple and yet very powerful, since the application collects the location where each action took place, something no other app provides.

The same principles apply for capturing shots, free kicks, dribbles, passes, crosses, corner kicks and penalty kicks. Every aspect of a soccer game is covered by the application. Coaches can even manage substitutions, and record red cards and yellow cards awarded to players.

MiKS Soccer Stats: Simply brilliant!

A handy clock is also visible on the main interface, and the application records the time of every action. A play by play view allows the coach to see the evolution of the match.

To help draw the correct action, a visual trace is left on the soccer pad giving feedback to the coach regarding the recorded action. But no worries if the wrong action is recorded. It can be undone or fixed by selecting the correct action from a slide-down menu.

The application allows you also to change the direction of play, so your team's position on the screen is identical to their position on the field.

Features worthy of pro teams

But the application is not only slick, it's also very useful. It provides coaches insight as to how their players perform during a game, allowing them to make adjustments and improve the performance of the team.

Actions may be recorded for the home team and the opponent team in exactly the same fashion.This is extremely handy when the coach is trying to improve the defending skills of his or her team. The application provide quick stats for both teams, allowing the coach to react and make adjustments to his team.

MiKS Soccer Stats: Simply brilliant!

If the coach is interested in the individual performance of players, the application allows selecting a player for every recorded action. Hence, the coach is provided with the when, where, what and who of every action.

And to help understand the why, the application will track the time of every play, calculate important stats, and when the game is over, simply email the play by play events in a CSV file format that can be easily displayed in Word, Excel or any other editor of your choice.

Useful and fun

As soccer coaches, we are always looking for ways to improve the performance of our teams. For that, MiKS Soccer Stats is a serious app. But is also fun to use and brilliant in its original approach to capturing sports stats.