MMORPG on Android reaches new heights with City of Splendors

MMORPG on Android reaches new heights with City of SplendorsFreethought Labs today announces the launch of City of Splendors for Android. Blending MMORPG and SLG genre elements into a completely new experience, City of Splendors boasts immersive, strategically engaging fun as well as gorgeous graphics, hundreds of unique characters, building types, and more.

Freethought Labs, a burgeoning mobile game development studio, is excited today to announce the launch of City of Splendors onto Google Play. Available for all Android devices City of Splendors thrusts gamers into a fantasy realm where players are free to be the masters of their own destiny. The goal is simple - gamers need to build up armies and cities, embark on quests, make alliances, battle players from all over the world, and consolidate their power in a bid to lord over the City of Splendors! The most involving gaming experience of its kind in the mobile arena today, City of Splendors is currently available for download on Google Play for free in the Games category.

As a Massively Multiplayer Online Simulated Life Game, City of Splendors gives users the power to build up their own kingdoms. They're free to play as any one of 3 races - Orcs, Elves, or Humans - and set off to gather resources, develop their own cities, nurturing armies, and more. The game features a mix European and American fantasy motifs and with over one hundred unique character types, multiple building types, and unique power-ups available within every race players won't have any trouble not only creating exactly the kind of kingdom they want, but one that's uniquely theirs as well! City of Splendors is as much about battling and conquest as it is about creating powerful cities and consolidating power though - and that's where the social gaming fun begins!

Gamers can connect with friends and other players in real time within City of Splendors and challenge them to battles! Victors get valuable gold ore to use to bolster their armies and cities, and the stakes stay high. Players are encouraged to act smart and join player alliances, make guilds, and more to grow in power too. To boot, since this is a cross-platform experience it doesn't whether users play on iOS, Android, or via Flash because everyone still interacts! Whether you'll come out on top or not is up to you and the choices you make along the way! With unprecedented visual scale, intricate gameplay, and enough twists and turns during both solo and social play, City of Splendors is set to ignite the evolution of mobile MMOSLG gaming!

About the developer:

Freethought Labs is an innovative mobile game development studio committed to re-imaging what heights mobile games can rise to, and how deep the player experience can be on the go.