Moodsy - Share your emotions!

What is Moodsy?

A fast, beautiful & fun way to share and track your Emotions.

Our community is committed to help each other so we can be happy together. Join us!
Moodsy is a simple way to track and share the world's moments on your iPhone. Add emotions to everyday moments you'll want to share with friends and family.
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Moodsy - Share your emotions!dMoodsy - Share your emotions!
Express yourself!
Get the answer for these questions;
• Which friend always lifts you up?
• Where do you feel the best?
• What place brings you down?
Link your mood to places or friends and see what brings you up (or down).
Follow what your friends feel with the click of a single button. Every time you open up Moodsy, you'll see new emotions from your closest friends!!
Moodsy - Share your emotions!Moodsy - Share your emotions!
• 190 different mood options with unique emoticons.
• Moods are compiled into statistics over time.
• Share your moods on social media and let your friends know how you're doing.
• Check out how your mood changes with each of your friends.
• Unlimited uploads
• Track your feelings in real time anyplace you go.
• Interact with friends through giving & receiving Moodsies :)
• Data is securely stored and never shared without permission.
• And much much more…
Moodsy - Share your emotions!Moodsy - Share your emotions!
Moodsy - Share your emotions!Moodsy - Share your emotions!