Movie Twist

Movie Twist

Expertmaker, the award winning Artificial Intelligence company that provides Big Data analytics and smart solutions for businesses and consumers through its easy-to-integrate platform and toolkit, has released a new consumer entertainment app in partnership with app developer Saguru. The new app, called Movie Twist, demonstrates some of the impact AI can have on search and discovery. Instead of aggregating movies for you based on behavioral targeting as the majority of search recommendation functions do today, Movie Twist, factors in your mood, your details and also assesses indepth profiles of all movies to enable new and flexible approaches to finding movies to watch that are a perfect fit for you.

Key features include:

Next Generation Search

  • Using AI, this app creates a new way to discover movies you would never have been introduced to otherwise by including a detailed set of movie tags and analysis that goes beyond the general categories and themes presented to you in most movie recommendation apps.

Deep Personalization

  • The AI allows for specific and detailed methods of personalization enabling a user to choose movies on their specific tastes and desires.
  • This also allows for more factors to be taken into account -including the user's present mood and past searches.

Easy & Fun

  • The app is built with high technology and lots of data input, but requires no more than the usual tap and selection from the user.
  • The app already has several great reviews on Google Play attesting to its new approach and its great results.

The days of the broad-based search engines are over and in its place comes deeply specialized apps that help you manage -and enjoy -all aspects of your daily life, propelled by technology that was previously too expensive and complex to imagine the everyday world using. AI is making the internet more intelligent.

"Highly personalized mobile apps are an indication of the Internet growing up; and it makes a lot of sense," explains Gustaf Sahlman, CEO of Expertmaker. "For example, which search would know your taste in music better -Google or your favorite music app? What advice would you source for a new clothing item—Google or your favorite fashion blog? In most cases today, a subject-specific app is more likely to generate the tailored content you are looking for. With Movie Twist, we wanted to share some of the seemingly simplistic solutions that AI can deliver through Expertmaker's technology."

This app is just one example of so many that can take advantage of new AI integration capabilities to significantly enhance app functionality for consumers. Bill Mårtensson chief developer at Saguru adds, "Expertmaker provides a platform that is not only very powerful but also easy to use. It's a perfect way to add intelligence to an app like Movie Twist."