Nocializer - a new social utility app

Amidst all the social media and networking apps that we have today, here's one utility app that helps you network with people the way you should! What if you are stuck/lost some place and need some information urgent, say the best kabab place around, the best (cheapest) place to shop at, etc.etc.? Helplines can only help you with the contact info and going through those review sites are quite a task! With a simple tap, Nocializer allows you to broadcast your question to other users around you, and get all the information you need in real time! Now you can just stand outside that restaurant and ask them peeps inside about the food (was it good/expensive?).

Guess what, if the conversation is anything more than interesting, add the person as a friend. When was the last time you made friends with a complete stranger? Nocializer is one of a kind android app that puts both the social and utility factor into use.

The app was launched with a video (a social networking experiment in India) on Youtube:

For more details: