P3 Secure AppLocker

P3 Secure AppLocker

P3 - The Future of Security

In today's ever so 'fast paced mobile' world we carry a lot of data/information on our personal mobile device right from pictures, texts, emails, notes, schedules, bank information etc. Some of this data can be very private and also could have devastating effects if it falls into wrong hands. Traditional PINS to lock devices are becoming outdated by the day as people set PINS which can be easily guess like their birthdays or any other number significant to them.

So keeping the above in mind i have developed an application (currently only on Android) called P3 Secure AppLocker which uses Pictures and 'PassPoints' as passwords. This concept is based on the fact that humans find it much easier to remember graphical information rather than textual information. The system works in a very simple way; the user chooses a picture and then chooses a particular point on the picture. This point is his 'PassPoint' for the picture. He does this for another 3 pictures so that it forms a sequence. Therefore there are 4 pictures in total and each picture has their own PassPoint. Then when the user wants to access a locked application he just has to press the same point on the picture which he did during registration. If he presses the first point correctly, then he gets the next image of the sequence and he has to press the next point. This process repeats until he has successfully pressed all the points on the sequence. If a wrong point is pressed then a random image is shown, and only once the intruder completes pressing all 4 random pictures is he notified that his log-in attempt has failed. In this way only the actual user knows the correct points in the sequence and an intruder is just left in an annoying guessing game. The pictures in the app are provided by us, and we do not let the user use their own pictures for the sole reason is to prevent the user from adding pictures with any significant meaning (e.g. spouse, children, family) as this would make guessing of the 'PassPoints' very easy. And if you still need extra security then you can enable a pattern or CAPTCHA pattern just in case someone tries to get passed the main security or tries using a BOT.

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P3 Secure AppLocker

P3 Secure AppLockerP3 Secure AppLockerP3 Secure AppLocker