PayCal for iPhone - FREE until April 3rd

PayCal is FREE Until April 3rd to Celebrate 1.1 Update!

PayCal for iPhone - FREE until April 3rdPayCal is a shift calendar app that allows for multiple jobs, multiple same-day shifts, gross pay calculation, and an incredibly easy shift scheduling interface. With 1.1, we've improved ease of use, added support for iPhone 5, and users can now identify shifts with emoji icons and time stamps.

But this is about more than 1.1 - PayCal has a new team of developers, and there is so much more coming! We have already planned future updates with features such as notes, calendar synchronization, advanced pay calculation (including overtime, holiday wages, and tips,) alerts, and more!

Get it while it's free to make sure you can take advantage of these great features as they become available!

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