Phonics and Reading with McGuffey

Phonics and Reading with McGuffey is a one of a kind computer based training course for beginning literacy. A student that knows nothing more than the names of the letters can use it to learn phonics and apply their knowledge at the same time to read material from a real book. It is a systematic and methodical way to learn the basics of reading English. There are several drills and activities. It incorporates multi sensory information to help the learner remember the content of each lesson. There are 52 lessons and by the time the student has completed them all, he or she will have achieved a first grade literacy level. If the student does one lesson per day, he or she will have completed the whole course in less than 11 weeks. All the instructions in the program are verbal and repeatable. Ease of use for computer novices and illiterates was at the core of our design philosophy.

New in version 1.4:

  • iOS 6 compatibility
  • 10x faster loading time
  • improved text rendering quality
  • animated letters in words
  • new integrated help file
  • support email links in app
  • iPad 3 retina display enabled
  • simplication of the phonics rules announcements
  • 3 new graphemes
  • link to free pdf eBook McGuffey's Primer in Color
  • New phonics drill sounds and reward phrases
  • monochrome mode for letter hi-liter. You can choose any color you want