Bored with Tower Defense?

BattleBox is real extraordinary tower defense game for iOS.

Bored with Tower Defense?

Dad worried about Maya

Inspired by Plants vs Zombies, we created different gameplay and added aspects that have long missed by strategy fans.

In order to bring more challenging tower defense game to iOS, we try to balance the game so that it is still interesting for entry player and a lot more challenging than another tower defense game for hardcore strategy fans. There are different challenges in 50 levels to accomplish. Player can still win the game without completing the challenges but they will miss some bonuses if they do that. Not just stop there, we give more difficult challenges in Plus Game after finishing each level. Hardcore gamer will love this.

Story in kinetic novel style will surely deepen this game a lot. BattleBox tells the story of Maya and her Dad. There are also Maya's best friend: Alex and his robot Fio. Dig the story deeper as player completing each level to finally reveal what Maya is missing.

Another thing to add, we give you Editor Mode where every player are free to create and edit their own level. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to choose what challenges to face, how many enemies will come, what upgrades to include, etc. After that you will have two options: play it by yourself or export and share it in Facebook so that your friends can play your customized level too. This surely will bring more interaction between players.

Play BattleBox and feel that this is a real different tower defense game.

Bored with Tower Defense?