Prioritize your email exchange with MailWise

Are you overwhelmed by a cluttered inbox? Improve how you use email with MailWise. This app improves your efficiency and helps you stay focused by reading just what is important in your emails and ignoring the rest!

Prioritize your email exchange with MailWise

Some key features include:

Clean messages without the clutter - Mailwise filters out repetitive text such as headers and signatures so that you can stay focused on the core of the email you are receiving.

Move background messages to the background - Repetitive emails that you receive such as birthday notifications or newsletters are grouped together and called "updates".

Email like you chat - When using Mailwise, messages are organized coherently as if you were chatting, as opposed to in email where you have to open each message separately.

Group your social - All of your updates from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc… are grouped together so that you can give them as much or little attention as you want.

Connect providers - Stop going back and forth between different mailboxes and combine them all into one central location. Mailwise works with Hotmail,, Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo! and more.

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Prioritize your email exchange with MailWise