New vision game of five in a row Light Up!

Puzzle game Light Up Christmas Tree - new vision of five in a rowPuzzle games is never too much. They are interesting, they're killing time.

But games like five in a row produced in such quantities that it is already too much.
We decided to do something as simple and clear, but with the new mechanics.

The game light Up, we made a whole new gameplay and simple at the same time.

What is this game. Certainly nothing. The player does not have to think how to play. It's simple - the colored balls to hang garland without stopping. If a garland of balloons of the same color - they explode, give you points and everyone is happy.

But we have been deceived. After playing the game a little time, you will soon realize that you have to think where did hang the new ball and how to get rid of old balls. It's all the same puzzle game. This is especially true of game modes Normal and Hard. If you want to test yourself - play hard mode and feel the heat of the brain.

Enjoy the game. With our game time will fly by.