NewzSocial: A Socially Curated News Magazine For iPad

Newzstand Corp. announces that its NewzSocial App for iPad is now available for Free from the Apple App Store. With NewzSocial, users harness the power of their social network to discover and share the experience of reading news.

What is NewzSocial:
NewzSocial is a news reader where users can follow, create and share broad and niche news streams based on their topics of interest. We call these customized news streams 'Channels'. Users can Share channels, Like articles, Favorite articles within a channel -- and all this activity can be shared broadly or selectively to the user's social network. The app is built on a social curation platform, with the premise that users can tap into their network of ‘topic expert' friends and get the news they want selected by the experts they trust.

NewzSocial has been mentioned as a top app on Guardian and TabTimes.

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How is this different from Flipboard, Pulse News, Zite and other news readers?

  • You can create and save news channels on broad (e.g. 2012 elections - Joe Biden) or niche topics (e.g. gluten free recipes).
  • You can share a channel with your social network and they can choose to follow and get continuously updated articles.
  • You (and your friends) can curate a channel that you have shared - tune the search filters to make articles on point; pick favorite articles that followers of the channel should read (like a mini ‘Drudge' who is an expert on that topic)

" If you are like me, I do not want my news reader app (Flipboard, Zite) pushing me articles which some editors have selected. Even worse is a fire hose of articles across too many publications (Pulse)," said Founder and CEO of Newzstand, Anand Jagannathan. "I want to be my own news editor and my news interests keep changing all the time. Even better is if my friends can also be editors in their areas of expertise and we can all share. The Drudge News report and Huffington Post are the earliest examples of curated news sites. So we saw the opportunity for an App that made each consumer an editor of curated news."

The NewzSocial App is available for free from the Apple App Store ( or by using the App Store link on the NewzSocial website,
Screenshots are available at

About Newzstand Corporation:
Newzstand is a Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale, CA) based company with a seasoned team of online marketing, ecommerce and content curation experts. Anand Jagannathan, the CEO/Founder is a serial entrepreneur with two successful IPO companies (Banyan Systems and Responsys) and an acquisition for iStorez.