Social sound guessing game for iPhone

Just because you can't get through to the radio stations to play along with the Secret Sound competitions... doesn't mean you can't have fun competing with your friends in this great new social sound guessing game for your iPhone.

Similar to Draw Something, this game will have you entertained for hours, both recording sounds and testing your friends.

Key features:
* Create your own fun sounds or choose a sound from the Sound Bank to challenge your friends
* Get rewarded with coins for every correct guess!
* Challenge friends on Facebook to earn extra coins
* Having trouble guessing a sound? There are 4 options to help out:

1) 'Remove Letters' from the scrambled list that don't appear in the sound description
2) 'Reveal Letter' will reveal a correct letter in its correct position
3) Use a 'Clue' to reveal a clue that has been provided by your friend
4) Share the sound on your Facebook wall allowing your friends to help you guess the sound and keep your winning streak going!

Easy to use, fun to play and great to beat your friends!

Social sound guessing game for iPhoneSocial sound guessing game for iPhone

Social sound guessing game for iPhone

A FREE iPhone app that will have you playing for hours trying to stump your friends on random sounds that you can record!