SPUN is the Ultimate SXSW Experience for iPhone.

South by Southwest (SXSW) is famous for showcasing just about everything, and its longstanding (and original) music festival is no different. With a cavalcade of shows, showcases, parties, unofficial events, panels, interviews and the occasional news bombshell, there's enough noise in SXSW to completely overwhelm the average attendee -- and it's dead simple for outlets to be drowned out in the buzz.

But what if great content could be paired with a simple, smart utility that could enhance the SXSW experience? That's the power of SPUN, an app that shows the best in Austin's news and entertainment.

SPUN cuts through the noise of SXSW to give users the content they need right away -- and offering a pleasurable experience while doing so.

The Austin Chronicle (austinchronicle.com) and SPUN (getspun.com) are collaborating to deliver great journalism from the Chronicle, designed for an enhanced experience on SPUN's iPhone app.

The Chronicle is the official print media sponsor of South by Southwest (and shares the same cofounders). Thousands of visitors to Austin will be turning to their series of special issues for all of the important information they need for the festival. Users of the SPUN iPhone app will be able access the Chronicle's SXSW content, including full articles, photo slideshows and blog posts. SPUN's rich interface includes useful features like interactive maps, and the app can remind readers when they're near a restaurant they've read about or when a party is about to start.

"South-by will be a great opportunity to kick off a partnership that we're really excited about for the long-term. Austin is an important city for us all year, but during SXSW we pay it extra attention. With the Chronicle on board, we can create the Austin experience we've wanted since our launch," said SPUN COO Scott Lindenbaum. "Our users rely on SPUN to discover the best content about their cities, and, in Austin, the Chronicle is absolutely essential."

SPUN is the Ultimate SXSW Experience for iPhone.