Stealth Checkers

Stealth Checkers is a board game that revolutionizes the game of checkers. Checkers get to move like chess pieces based on a roll of a special pair of dice.

This games fuses elements from three classics: checkers, chess and dice.

The result is a game that is more fun that checkers, easier to play than chess and you never know who will win until the final roll of the dice.

This game is for all ages, but kids 7 to 10 years old will especially like this game because it teaches them how chess pieces move but without having to worry about the strategies and complexities of chess.

You can make a plan, but usually strategies get erased with every roll of the dice, which is all part of the fun of the game.

Making chess moves on a board set up for checkers creates some new possibilities. Rolling a knight early in the game can build a "castle" for the king or even let the king checker pop into a protective pocket.

If you know how chess pieces move, you can play this game and win. (or lose ... but it's still fun either way.)