Your Sweet Memories: Saved!

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Your Sweet Memories: Saved!

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Antonio - October 11, 2012 - SEMC Xperia X10 with version 1.0

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Immortalizing your sweet memories or important notes was never so easy. With this amazing app you can add not only notes, audio recordings and pictures but also your video and friends as well, as your instant moments! You can use it as your secret diary, life time recordings, business notes reminder or timestamps of life Calendar to share the moments with your family and friends through facebook, instagram or contacts.

Memories Diary is an easy and beautiful way to quickly enter your life moments, thoughts, memoires or notes wherever and whenever you want. Capture photos, audio or insert images from gallery. Memories diary automatically detects and attaches to a memo your location and makes it ready to share it with your friends through popular social media or email.

Your Sweet Memories: Saved!Your Sweet Memories: Saved!

Main Features

  • One click complete memory recording.
  • Data protection with password.
  • Timeline, Calendar, Map and Album views.
  • Unlimited amount of photos captured through any of your camera app or images attached through the photo gallery or photo album (Storage space is limited by the size of SD card)
  • Audio recordings as attachments directly from your favorite audio player.
    Tags to organize and classify records.
  • "Flow of thoughts" as an additional way to keep memories linked to each other and organized as continues conversation.
  • Geo location, altitude and address either automatically obtained or entered manually on the map.
  • Filtering of memories through location and tags
  • Full-text instant search based on date, location or even your memory tags
  • Unlimited possibilities to share records and images by to other applications (depends on application data sent to). Sharing over email, sms, twitter, buzz, facebook etc (required corresponding client apps installed).
  • Share multiple images with your friends directly through gmail, yahoo or facebook

Your Sweet Memories: Saved!Your Sweet Memories: Saved!

Distinctive features:

Other apps and diaries are lacking the following features that make this app unique and distinctive:

One notable feature is that you can record videos also, directly from the app and add them to your memories beside other things.

Another is that this app lets you add your friends as well, to your memories, that were with you at that particular location, event or occasion etc. or you just want to add them to that specific memory.

Features Coming Soon:

Take full backup and restore your memories from the cloud.
Print your memories.
And many more handy features.

Sharing Options

• You can post on your facebook wall.
• You can post on your friend's facebook wall.
• You can send EMAIL your memories to your loved ones and friends.