App Description -

U Taxi Dispatch is an app meant for taxi drivers and riders where riders can book a cab and driver can easily find the customers. The main aim of this app is to make the commuting experience hassle free for riders and help drivers to find the potential customers nearest to them. The app works for taxi drivers and riders in different ways.

For Taxi Drivers

  • A login screen will appear, fill in the username and password
  • Option for first time visitor to register by filling all relevant
  • Option to Check which rider booked the taxi
  • Under the settings option driver can check the profile of riders
  • Option to select the radius in which they want to see the riders
  • Option to view the route of taxi rider's source location and destination location

For Riders

  • Two Buttons - "book a cab" or "view booked cab" will appear in front of the rider
  • "Book a Cab" button provides two options - Option to enter the address manually or tap the current location button
  • An "end point" button provides a rider can to either select the destination from the map or enter the destination address manually
  • Under the "view booked cab" button, a rider can see the details of last booked taxi & its details

U Taxi Dispatch app is compatible with iPhone as well as Android based Smartphones.