TOY MATTERS & The Hook Machine


TOY MATTERS & The Hook Machine


Hampa Studio and Nerlaska Studio presents: ToyMatters and the Hook Machine.

After being a pioneer series on internet ToyMatters,jumps to phones and tablets( by the hand of Hampa Studio ( in collaboration with Nerlaska Studio.

-Toy Matters Series:

The Toy Matters are some stuffed toys that comes to life in an abandoned warehouse.

The Characters of the series are thugs and mad as the hatter!; Rafa The jinx and fearful Rabbit, Vicente Bad Teddy Bear, Manolo The Sensitive Hippo and Antonio Psico-Koala.

-The Game:

The Toy Matters have been trapped in a hook machine at the Fair, the challenge is to rise to the top as quickly as they can, before the dreaded hook catches them.



Toy Matters & The Hook Machine is a casual freemium game. Appropriate for all kinds of audiences, players will enjoy eight different levels, driving four different characters, across fast and frantic vertical platforms.

During the game you will have to jump quickly as light, avoiding all kinds of traps, trampolines, cannons .. etc ... The path to the top is never easy: you will have to fight against the clock, because if time expires the Hook will appear!

TOY MATTERS & The Hook Machine

TOY MATTERS & The Hook Machine

TOY MATTERS & The Hook Machine


The scenes are full of stars. Collecting stars you get "Toy Coins", and with these coins you will be able to unlock new characters, improve the skills and buy surprise balls.

Surprise Balls:

During the game you can use these surprise balls, but SURPRISE! you never know what you can get ... a rocket to take you to the top, an earthquake that makes you lose time, a helmet that will protect you from any danger, a bomb that will take away time ... etc. ..

TOY MATTERS & The Hook Machine

You can download the game from the App Store / Google Play or directly from:

App Store:


Ingame Video demo:

- Conclusion:

Under the clear aim to bring new contents and entertainment to the audience, Hampa Studio and Nerlaska Studio joined in this adventure the bring back to live the Toy Matters; giving the Toys new possibilities through the creation of specific apps, available for new platforms and touch screens.

Hampa Studio, after a lot of dedicated work, hopes Toy Matters and the Hook Machine will become the casual game of this summer. Meanwhile the studio prepares new app releases over the next month, with very interesting partners. Hampa is also very close to present their new project, which is expected to be a huge surprise for the audience and the audiovisual sector... so... Stay tuned!

For more information or for downloading the game you can visit our website