Travel Guide: Uniquely Designed Trip Planner App

Tripigator's Android app is a smart travel tool for planning, organizing, managing, sharing and keeping all your trip details in one place. Made by travellers for travellers, the app is the perfect accompaniment for your entire journey with features that help you with the end-to-end planning of your holiday with budget breakdowns.

Travel Guide: Trip Planner App - screenshot

The Design

The first feature you notice on the app is its design. A blurred image forms the background of the app, and the use of warm colours and a visually pleasing font makes it extremely easy on the eyes. Navigation is intuitive - you can either Plan a Trip or Discover Places around you. When you have logged in, or planned a trip, you see the third feature - My Trips. Clean and simple with clear directions immediately notches up its score.

The app provides all the information in a way that is made-to-measure for your Android device. An intuitive placement of buttons makes it easy to navigate through the various features of the app, and the visually pleasing design uses blurred images of your destination as the backdrop for the information.

Plan a TripwithInstant Holiday Price Discovery

Travel Guide: Uniquely Designed Trip Planner App

The Plan a Trip feature is the app's most powerful feature. It collects basic user inputs to return multiple itineraries spread across different budgets, all in real time. There are breakdowns of these itineraries by the day and activity and users can modify the plan, or save it as it is, and if you are a registered user, the app syncs the planned itinerary with its web counterpart.

The app recognizes that alongside planning a trip, its budget is also a deciding factor. Therefore, all itineraries planned, transport options and hotels mentioned come with real-time prices. You know at the very outset what the estimated outlay would be, and then customize your plan according to your budget. Or you can specify your budget at the very outset for a more streamlined experience.


Planning a trip with friends usually involves multiple opinions. The Tripigator app recognizes this with its smart Collaborate feature. Invite your co-travellers to modify or accept the plan as is. Share the trip on Facebook if you want - collaboration is made super simple on the app.

Discover Places

Travel Guide: Trip Planner App - screenshot

Even when you don't know where you want to holiday the Discover Places feature helps you with destinations around you so you can plan a quick getaway. Not just that, the app is even useful at your destination. The Near Me Now feature allows users to scour their destination for restaurants, cafes, hotels and essential services so they are never fumbling with directions.

In short, the Tripigator Android app is designed to make travel planning a breeze, and it does so with an expertise unseen hitherto in the world of travel. The app is so far only relevant for travel within India, but the makers have assured users that it will be available for planning overseas trips soon.