Uniiverse launches Ticket Manager for iOS to make event check-ins fast and flawless

Ticket Manager:

Uniiverse, the most comprehensive marketplace for offline interactions and sharing, announced the availability of Uniiverse Ticket Manager, a free custom made iOS application for Uniiverse event hosts to efficiently and accurately check-in attendees and scan tickets at the door.
Uniiverse launches Ticket Manager for iOS to make event check-ins fast and flawless

"Uniiverse is about real life interactions, and we've tried to weave that into the check in process as much as possible - personalizing the experience and interaction between the guest and host by showing faces alongside names, and integrating with the main platform's trust features," says Craig Follett, CEO and co-founder of Uniiverse.

This app is perfect for any event organizer. Uniiverse.com enables you to create your event listing for free and sell tickets. Uniiverse is a great platform for event discovery, so any events submitted will be seen by many, resulting in increased ticket sales.

Event organizers can use Ticket Manager to check-in attendees at the door by scanning tickets or checking off names using iPhone or iPad, ensuring a fast and flawless experience.

App features:

•Browse your Uniiverse events in one app, on location
•Speedy and smooth check in of attendees by scanning barcodes /QR code on their tickets or their phones
•Buyer forgot their ticket? No problem! Easily check in attendees by searching their name, or browsing the list
•Check in buyers using multiple devices simultaneously - our servers take not - tickets can't be used more than once
•Displays the attendees' faces on Uniiverse, which makes it more personal and "photo ID" secure
•Watch your event fill up. Track ticket sales and attendance, live.
•Passbook integration

About Uniiverse:

Uniiverse is an online marketplace for user-submitted events, services, spaces, expertise and items that other people can book or rent. It enables people to share and connect in real-life. Uniiverse launched in February 2012, and currently has over 50,000 users in over 400 cities around the globe.