Best Alarm App- Walk to dismiss it!

Walk Me Up! is an alarm app that will ensure that not only do you wake up but also that you get out of bed.

The only way to turn this alarm off is to walk a few steps. Before you ask, no, throwing it won't work. And shaking will only make it worse because the app imposes a penalty of five steps if it detects shaking.

Best Alarm App- Walk to dismiss it!

Moreover, there is an evil mode, which when turned on disables the snooze button. This is targeted at those people who habitually hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.

The number of steps one has to walk can be set by the user along with the step sensitivity. The user can also set quick alarms along with changing the alarm volume and ringtone. The entire app along with Voice assist is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The shake detection algorithm has been updated to ensure that you cannot cheat the app.

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock is free of cost but ads supported. A Pro version is also available without ads for a smoothe experience.