UpWave - Guided Meditations & Mindfulness

The key to making mindfulness routine is to make it a habit. Doing that is easier said than done. It takes a combination of the right training, discipline, positive encouragement, and most importantly, daily practice to be successful.

Many people get excited about mindfulness and start out on a path to incorporate it into their lives but few finish that journey.

By letting you create and record your own meditations, UpWave puts you in the driver seat of your own growth. Record and save your own meditation and you can mix your voice with any track in our wide library of ambient and binaural tracks.

UpWave - Guided Meditations & MindfulnessUpWave - Guided Meditations & Mindfulness


+ 50s of high-quality audio tracks, ambient sounds, binaural beats and narrated guides.

+ Your own UpWave mixing board - mix and match any two of your favorite tracks.

+ Listen to narrated lessons and guides by inspiring thought leaders, like Bob Proctor and Martin Luther King, Jr

+ sleep better with access to a powerful library of sleep enhancement sounds

+ Deepen your experience with a library of calming ambient tunes and background sounds, featuring cutting-edge binaural beats technology

+ Transform and grow with access to powerful guided visualizations for every aspect of your personal growth from many best-selling authors.

+ Mix and match custom tracks to help you effortlessly achieve your goals - stress relief, better health, heightened focus, even wealth and abundance

Whether you've been meditating for years or you're just starting your personal journey, UpWave works with you to help you experience life like never before.