War is the History of Mankind!

Legend Wars - Brave Battle Space

War is the History of Mankind!


Unleash the beast in you and quench your thirst for blood virtually, in this social game based on a war between nations that could be 2 or more, vying for territorial conquest and supremacy, so you can be peaceful and spread love in the real life. Players create a character, align themselves to a nation, and then engage in battle with players from the opposing forces for ‘Honor' and ‘Experience'.

Completing local ‘Tasks' earns you ‘Copper Coins' which can be used to buy ‘Equipment' or be invested in ‘Shops' to ensure a steady ‘Income'. Inviting friends adds them to your party and enables you to go on ‘Quests'. Upon reaching a certain level, players can form ‘Guilds' (only possible through premium currency). Guilds represent their respective nations; provide various bonuses to all its members' etc.

‘Battle Log' tracks your progress, statistics, global ranking and standing in your respective guild. ‘Gold Coins' act as the game's premium currency.

War is the History of Mankind!War is the History of Mankind!

Main Features

  • Massively Multiplayer Online War Game! MMORPG
  • Fight with other players live
  • Join to make it a 10 million players game
  • Dominate with your legendary combination of warriors, sorcerers and archers as friends!
  • Leaderboards & PvP: Fight other players at real locations.

War is the History of Mankind!War is the History of Mankind!

Distinctive features:

  • Prepare your own versatile army of deadly warriors and enjoy guild / party battles and great wins
  • This game has a unique feature that selection of correct equipment / items gives you a character that is singular in 625,000 other characters
  • Your strength is not calculated on the quantity of weapons, equipment and artillery etc. alone but also the right set of armor and equipment makes you more deadly and powerful
  • You can enjoy all the great features of games like League of Legends or DotA in this text based game

*****Social Features*****

  • There is a local and a global notice board available to tell the world about your butchery conquers, sanguineous wins and bloodthirsty battles.
  • Moreover, you can also post your status and position on your facebook wall to share with friends and foes

War is the History of Mankind!