Wee Kids ABC & Wee Kids Math are certified hits on the App Store!

Wee Kids ABC & Wee Kids Math are certified hits on the App Store!Milan based Ebooks&Kids today announces the recent release of Wee Kids ABC & Wee Kids Math for the iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch. Both learning apps have made an instant splash on the App Store, rising to the top of their categories and grabbing the spotlight as featured apps in Apple's exclusive New iPhone Education & Kids Games Lists!

Ebooks&Kids, an emerging mobile applications and learning solutions developer, is excited today to announce the recent successful launch of their two newest educational utilities - Wee Kids ABC and Wee Kids Math - onto the App Store. Universally compatible across all iOS devices, these uniquely engaging, effective, yet entertaining learning apps blend vibrant animation with dynamic mini-game scenarios to ensure that kids don't simply get a head start on reading and math comprehension but have a blast while doing so! Parents have taken notice too, as both apps have already been highlighted at the top of Apple's New iPhone Kids Games & New iPhone Education Games categories! Proven to be critical and commercial smash right out of the gate, both Wee Kids ABC and Wee Kids Math are currently available for download on the App Store for $2.99 in the Education category.

Wee Kids ABC & Wee Kids Math are certified hits on the App Store!Themed around having fun under the bigtop, Wee Kids ABC invites children aged five and up to play various diverse games alongside whimsical circus acts. Kids will be challenged to do everything from racing down letters against cute bunnies, going on highflying word searches in trapeze nets, and participating in other adventures structured to keep them motivated, learning, and fully engaged. Meanwhile, image and letter association games and writing challenges help young students create a solid foundation for remembering letters and getting down to the business of cementing their language capabilities! Furthermore, since ‘Wee Kids' features no third party advertisements or in-app purchase options parents can rest assured that the spotlight will always stay on education and nothing else.

Wee Kids ABC & Wee Kids Math are certified hits on the App Store!Likewise, Wee Kids Math utilizes the same vibrantly colorful mini-game structure - complete with stunning effects - to teach users everything from counting, arithmetic, and basic algebra as they embark on an epic journey around the world and beyond. Learners will visit everyone from veggies, cuddly animals, to aliens along the way while they learn. Both Wee Kids Math and Wee Kids ABC were built from the ground up to encourage children to learn rather than intimidate them. Featuring games of various difficulties levels and educational focuses there's something for every level of math and language learner to take away, regardless if they're just discovering numbers and letters for the first time, or taking their initial forays into the more intricate world of applying those skills to solving math problems and reading/writing!

About the developer:

Ebooks&Kids is an Italian start-up that creates and produces animated, interactive applications and ebooks dedicated to all children from 2 to 10 years, with playful-educational content in logical ability, observation, memory, as well as enhancing the mathematical knowledge and writing and reading skills. © Ebooks&Kids S.R. 2013. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.