Daily Chinese Horoscope for Android

"Daily Chinese Horoscope" is an app in which users can check their daily horoscope based on their respective Chinese zodiac signs.Users can also check their compatibility with other zodiac signs. Features: **Includes daily horoscopes of all twelve Chinese zodiac signs/animals »

Mehndi Designs Latest 2015 -Find Mehndi Designs

Description Eid is an excellent event with lovely favors as distinctive little wonderful joys skilled by Almighty ALLAH after the Holy month of Ramzan. one of the little present is Mehndi/Henna which is extremely pulled in by ... »

My Daily Horoscope App For Android

"Astrology had an important role in the ancient world. You can't understand many things unless you know something about astrology - the plays of Shakespeare and so on"-Steven Pinker. Almost everyone in this world believes in destiny and it is considered ... »


Luvango is The dating app that's different, because we believe actions speak louder than words. With a variety of ways to communicate, unique methods of interaction is what will make your dating experience on Luvango unique. You can view and ... »

Bird Sounds 2015-NEW: Amazing Bird Sounds

Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures on Earth. We cannot imagine the world without birds. There are thousands of birds types found on our earth, but we only know few of them. In this article I am going ... »

LightonZ iOS and Android

LightonZ is a Inspiration - Idea - Declaration Recorder and Editor that lights up your inspiration for your personal motivation in text with the option of including pictures and sound. LightonZ is your Motivational Trainerto ... »

Great recipes for Starbucks Menu Pro version - More than 100 Drink recipes. Share your drink Recipe

*** Hey guys,we present you the best app ever! *** Starbucks Menu reveals you the secrets of the world's best coffee that you enjoy so much and order at Starbucks. A wide variety of recipes for amazing cold ... »

ThemeLock - Custom Lock Screen Wallpapers & Backgrounds maker

ThemeLock- Get new amazing wallpaper for lock screens! No In-App Purchases! FREE Updates! Design a new background with this app and choose from multiple lock themes that will let you create something incredible! Even combine images with your own photos from your ... »

FacePlay - Creative Selfie videos for Vine, Youtube and Instagram

Hey Guys we are happy to present to you this great app that can make you famous instantly, you will have fun using it and it gives you the possibility to be creative . Be your own director and actor and ... »

Wordgo: Interactive Mobile Game for Kids

Ward Thanks to mobile devices, gaming has become a lot more accessible and you can easily play on the go without restrictions. And while playing arcade games is fun, some of us want a game that really makes us think. Wordgo, ... »