Yoga Music - Relaxing Sounds

Introducing the most popular sleep aid app! Start sleeping now and enjoy full nights of sleep like you haven't in a long time! Here's how it works:Select sounds and melodies that you like and combine them to create ... »

VitaDaily -Supplements Scheduling and purchase app for apple iOS health kit.

We're a company that makes the healthcare apps. Our app has a role to put the information in the dietary supplement in health kit on the iPhone. This is a letter for the promotion of the app. Appzen.Inc VitaDaily -Supplements Scheduling and purchase app ... »

Turn Out The Lights On Sleep Problems Using MobileSleepDoc

Redwood City, CA -- MobileSleepDoc, LLC today announced the launch of v2.0 of the company's flagship app: MobileSleepDoc, [Medical - $.99] is the first sleep app based on medical evidence and designed by board certified sleep specialist, ... »

Diabetes Pet Manager Helps Owners Take Care of their Diabetic Dogs or Cats

New Price: $ 6.99 (launched at $ 14.99) Diabetes Pet Manager is a medical iPhone app. It is a new app designed for meeting the specificities of diabetes home monitoring and care. It is one of the very few veterinary ... »


SeniorAdvisor is a site that serves seniors and their caregivers by providing customizable search options in finding the right senior housing facility. With search options varying from distance to user review, users are now able to use the ... »


InsightMedi is a new photo-sharing platform for the healthcare community that we've built with the goal to make medical knowledge flow freely across the world. Our main assets are medical images but we aim to touch ... »

My Knee Guide - The most comprehensive knee replacement iPhone app

My Knee Guide is an interactive and comprehensive resource for patients considering and undergoing knee replacement surgery. We provide you with an unprecedented ability to customize your experience. Simply by providing My Knee Guide a couple of key dates, a personalized ... »

Insights Orthopedics is the must have for orthopedic surgeons

Insights Orthopedics offers a mobile information platform where medical associations, academic publishers and industry players can keep physicians up to date on the latest and most relevant studies, scientific articles & publications, as well as training programs and modules related ... »

Ever Had Gas?? -- Learn about Anesthesia from anesthesia professionals.

Have you ever had surgery? Are you petrified of going to sleep?? Aleve your fears. Learn about what is many times the scariest part of having a procedure done. Ever Had Gas is an informative app is for patients and their ... »

Baby Cry Timer

Baby Cry Timer is an iOS app that makes it super simple to put your baby to sleep using the controlled crying method. So what exactly does controlled crying mean? Controlled crying involves putting your baby to bed then leaving ... »