Music & Audio

Synthesis Music Generator - automatically composes music

Synthesis Music Generator automatically generates new music using Cello Beehive's custom algorithm. Press play and listen for as long as you want: Synthesis Music Generator will keep composing and playing beautiful, relaxing, ambient sounds. No loops are used. Synthesis uses a ... »

Music Player

Beat Box is ultimate music player that helps you to organize your music in best way. It is also a very user friendly music player. It has excellent look and feel. User can choose themes for this player. There are ... »

onTune FM

OnTune FM Is A Music Discovery App That Displays The Artists' Social Feeds Based On What's Playing Panoramic Software Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of onTune FM exclusively for iOS. We would like to provide ... »


Dr. Contraction Timer is a must have tool that helps you time your contractions when you start to have frequent contractions and going into labor. It's a simple app to use, all you have to do ... »

GymStream - Free Workout Music

GymStream: The only Gym App that plays highly motivating music that NEVER stops especially for hard workouts. No Ads in the music, ever. ► Talented DJ's from around the world create mixes designed for exercise so ... »

daClub- Youtube Music Radio, The best Youtube Music player can play while screen off

A music app with customize radio for everyone, high resolution music video, a little bit social function and free charge is the right recipe for daily use, and daClub has got them all. daClub is an android music app that combines ... »

Psyself - Music streaming and recommendation service

Tuneself - music streaming and recommendation service. Aggregates audio content from online media services such as YouTube, SoundCloud, MixCloud, PromoDJ, RealMusic and others, and automatically analyzes multiple audio characteristics to provide the listener with the ... »

9music – A Free Android Music Player and Organizer

There are dozens of Android Music Players who claimed to be one of the best in Appstore, but Music apps with zero bug rate are rarely available for free. Similarly when it comes to something that is free does not ... »

Brasil Radio Live

Brazilian radio!! This is the radio for everybody. Brazil radio plays and shares the best Brazilian music and culture to the world. There is no doubt that everybody is fun of Brazilian sounds, music, Brazilian bossa, samba, choro, chinese, jobim, ... »

Georgian radio

If you are Georgian and fun of Georgian music and culture, then this radio app is for you. Especially if you locate in other country and you miss your home country, from now on you will be able to ... »