Next Generation Business Card Organizer

All your collected business cards in one place. All on your phone to view anytime you want. You can dial or mail them just from here. Every card you keep in Zappoint will become alive, cloud-connected. The first 48 hours is ... »

Movies Manager

Movies Manager is an app to manage your collection of movies.And best thing of all is totally free , without any limitations Movies Manager is a must app for all the movie lovers. With Movies Manager you can ... »

myOffice - Microsoft Office Edition, Office Viewer, Word Processor and PDF Maker


PDF Expert 6 - Sign Documents, Fill Forms and Annotate PDFs


My Home Management

My Home Management is an App for your everyday house needs. with options to get notified every time a product or a bill its due to expire. With Home Management you can manage your products and set expire dates so the ... »

Vehicle Manager

Vehicle:Manager is an app about your vehicles. How many times you forgot that your car has to pass a Mot Test, or an insurance is about to expire. Or even wanted to keep tag of your services. Now all that ... »

More powerful and handy databases for Android with a new version of MobiDB Database Designer

More powerful and handy databases for Android with a new version of MobiDB Database Designer Perpetuum Software is glad to announce a new version of the professional Android database app - MobiDB Database Designer with a new long awaited Dependent drop ... »

Organizer To-Do: Your Personal Assistant in Organizing Daily Activities

Life is full of activities; some of them are casual while others require immediate attention. Altogether, we have a hectic schedule every day. In order to cope with it, we require organizing our schedule properly. We can also divide activities ... »

aMemoryJog Password App has Self-Destruct feature if Phone is Stolen

A while back, I was at a health club and left my iPhone unattended for a couple of minutes. I came back and you guessed it, it was gone. All I could think about was someone logging into my secure ... »

MobiDB Project Management – manage your projects on Android

MobiDB Project Management is designed to help organize project planning and management to streamline workflow. Users can easily start new projects, add tasks, assign them, track the progress, maintain costs and invoice customers. If you are engaged in software development, ... »