How iPhone Can Be Spied!

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Hack Your Apps with Appvigil App before Someone Else Hacks It

Android has the largest share of user base among all mobile operating system with 76.6% market share as in fourth quarter of 2014-15. There are 1 billion active android users and 1.3 million apps on Google Play with thousands of ... »

Find three best applications to lock your apps on android

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Do you have any experience that had a miss touch during operation of the app? This app is a tool to prevent such mis-touch ,and be able to customize the touch. The main function Prevention of miss touch Setting of touch animation Switching on and ... »

P3 Secure AppLocker

P3 - The Future of Security In today's ever so 'fast paced mobile' world we carry a lot of data/information on our personal mobile device right ... »

Wifič: Most important app since invention of Wi-Fi

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Rainbow, a New Custom Color Keyboard for iOS

Last week Bits&Coffee released Rainbow 1.0. It's a new custom keyboard app for iPhone and iPad with a great selection of themes that can bring color to the otherwise grayish iOS system keyboard.The ability to change the ... »

My Stuff - Never forget where you kept your stuff

It is Free App. Do you forget where you kept your stuff and keep on searching for hours to find it ? But not now . With this unique app you can store your stuff name,location along with picture ... »

Tomi File Manager – Manage Files And Batch Uninstall Apps

User-centered designed FREE FILE MANAGER for Android, root file explorer, and best download manager! User friendly manager to music, pictures, videos, documents. One of the many plus features using Android is that it gives you the freedom to manage your files ... »

Introducing Dentity: The Best Group Directory Solution For Groups and Small Businesses

The way we manage a group of contacts is outdated and, quite frankly, backwards. Each member of the group is in charge of keeping track of every other person's contact information -- which can include hundreds of phone number, ... »