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Travel Guide: Uniquely Designed Trip Planner App

Tripigator's Android app is a smart travel tool for planning, organizing, managing, sharing and keeping all your trip details in one place. Made by travellers for travellers, the app is the perfect accompaniment for your entire journey with ... »

Zippr is an innovative app that helps users create a unique Zippr shortcode.


WalkWay Navi: a walking GPS navigation app with a difference

A navigation app designed for users on foot, WalkWay Navi uses a large arrow for direction and vibration for turns. Why WalkWay Navi is different from other GPS apps 1. It is a small app (only 1.45Mb) so faster loading and less ... »

Track Kit Pro | Review

If a travel app is something you're into, Track Kit Pro fits the purpose nicely. Track Kit Pro is designed to provide efficiency to users by offering them a variety of features that make your travel experiences unique and social. ... »

Mosque and Halal Finder

Mosque and Halal Finder is a utility app for every Muslim most specifically living in a non Muslim country. This app will let you know the Mosque and Halal food restaurants within the vicinity of 10km of your location. When ... »

HelpPhone for Android Solves Typical Tourist Worries in a Tap

Fonika software development company has recentlyl aunched a new Android app HelpPhone. It is a straightforward way to find all crucial phone numbers - in thousands of cities, in 80+ countries all over the world. Users can call an ambulance, ... »

Study&TheCity - Bologna

Ever been a foreign student wishing you had ALL the information you needed in the palm of your hand? If Bologna is the wonderful city you've chosen to spend some time abroad (does your mother know?), we are brothers in spirit. ... »

JetMe Makes Booking Private Jets Uber-Easy

Love everything about flying on commercial airlines, aside from the screaming babies, sneezing strangers, waiting for the restroom, and seatbacks digging into your knees? Would you like to travel in ... »

Be-On-Road App is Acquired by Sygic in Landmark Deal

Sygic Increases its User Footprint to 55 Million and is Poised to Achieve 100 Million by Next Year Sygic has acquired Be-On-Road App in a landmark acquisition that makes Sygic one of the largest players in the Navigation ... »

Ultimate Travel Guide App for the summer strolls and city exploring released, called Tales & Tours

Summertime is here. Only a few more days until the official astrological start of the summer. Time for some free time. Going on holidays far away? Starting a roadtrip with some friends? Next weekend on a citytrip? With »